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Juno quincunx Mercury

Not the best match

Kelli Fox

Though you might be attracted to each other for your minds -- you could really look up to each other intellectually and admire all the smarts your lover has that you think you lack! -- that imbalance between you doesn't serve you well long-term. You may have always had trouble giving yourself your proper due, meaning, you tend to tell yourself you're not that smart when you really are.

This relationship supports that negative feeling in you, because you two have minds that work in very different ways from each other. You try to talk to each other in the ways that each of you knows how, and it just doesn't get through very effectively or reliably. You end up feeling not supported or heard, but misunderstood -- and if you have insecurities as described above, you start taking more and more of the blame onto yourself, even if it's not really your fault. The fault lies on both your shoulders, and it's hard to work this out. You want to make a connection, but you just aren't able to. Misunderstandings are frequent and upsetting, and you might even start to feel like it's easier just to keep your mouth shut, even when things happen that really bother you. It's hard to get your needs met in a relationship when you feel like you can't even speak up about them! For this to work long-term there really has to be some conscious effort towards honest communication on both your parts.

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