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Juno opposite Sun

Some compromise will be needed

Kelli Fox

This aspect definitely draws you two together and adds the potential needed for a long-term bond, but is it enough to hold you together, or do your challenges as a couple keep you from taking that final step? You are pulled to your lover like a magnet; there is a certain charisma in them that you respond to and want to be near. Be sure to take a look at the other aspects between you, especially the ones that are obstacles to having a perfectly smooth relationship.

Are there challenges to your communication, your intimacy, your feeling of trust and reliability within the relationship? These are the areas that challenge you, the ones you have to talk out as a couple and see if you can't come to some kind of agreement or understanding. No couple is a perfect union, and no two people can be a seamless blend of characteristics. If we could do that, it'd be scary -- we'd probably be robots! Every match has some complications to work out if a long-term commitment is to be achieved. For the two of you, issues of selfishness --perhaps your own, but more often your partner's -- could keep you from feeling as if you'll ever find a generous lover who can support you when you need it and take your support when it's offered. Especially if other aspects between you agree, you both have to remind yourselves to reach out to each other and make this relationship worth fighting for.

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