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Juno conjunct Moon

Looking for a love that lasts

Kelli Fox

You are looking for a nurturer to be your lifelong lover, and you might just find that in this person! Looking for a love that lasts may have been a lifelong pursuit of both of yours; you both look at finding a relationship that satisfies you as an important step in fulfilling your emotional needs. In short, love is important to you, you're looking for something that lasts, and in each other, your search may be over.

This is one of the most important aspects to have in a relationship that could move toward a marriage or a long-term commitment. With this influence between you, your lover is able to understand your emotional needs, often without your even having to voice them, and they're able to meet them without compromising their own needs. You both put the right amount of time and energy into maintaining each other and the relationship, and it's rare that your lover makes you feel neglected or unsupported. Your focus is the relationship -- both of you. It's something that you work at with joy and love in your hearts. This definitely translates well to a long-term commitment, so enjoy this connection you share!

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