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Juno conjunct Mercury

Quick wits

Kelli Fox

You noticed a real connection from the first time you met. - a certain zing happened, you made each other laugh, and you were off and running toward a great relationship. As soon as you spent some time together, you realized that you can really talk about just about anything, even things that you might keep hidden from your best friends.

Talking about the relationship is especially healthy and beneficial for you. You've both always looked for a love relationship in which you can be completely yourself, heard and understood, and this just might be that relationship! This aspect is a wonderful one to have between you as it promotes a long-term commitment with someone who gets where you're coming from. Any problems that come up between you are much more quickly resolved because you talk them out together in a way that really gets you somewhere, instead of letting bad feelings fester. Your partner's style is not to bottle anything up, which is wonderful! They talk about their feelings and their experiences, and you understand where they're coming from. There is a feeling created between you that your relationship is a safe space -- that you can say whatever you want, because you're safe together. You can air your real opinions, and talk about the true depths of your feelings for each other.

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