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Juno conjunct Mars

Quite a passionate pair

Kelli Fox

The two of you are looking for a very specific combination of qualities in a lover, and you just might have found those qualities in each other! With this aspect between you, you've got definite long-term potential -- but you also have your hands full with some pretty strong energy, so you should definitely be careful and keep your head about you in this relationship. Arguments aren't unheard of, but you can believe that the making up is really good!

After all, your lover is attracted to a strong backbone; a pushover lover isn't for either of you. You're both looking to share your life with someone who can match your drive and ambition. The work that you do or the goals you've set for yourself are very important to you, and if you're going to find a long-term, committed relationship that works, it's going to be with someone who gets that about you -- who can make space for your goals, and who can pursue their own. After all, as directed as you are, you couldn't be attracted to a slouch, now could you? Well, guess what -- you're both that way! Your relationship together is all about dynamic passion. You probably have a major sexual bond, especially if other aspects support that, and it is likely to be a central focal point of your relationship -- the glue that holds you together as a couple.

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