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Ascendant trine Pluto

Sweeping emotions

Kelli Fox

Your perception of the world and your self-expression within it really changes through the course of your relationship with this person. A big and transforming love could grow between you, and you, especially, feel its effects on a deep level. You even are empowered by loving and being loved by this person, because they give you such support for your inner self.

They help you to express your emotions in a powerful, deep and intense way. Other emotions are expressed powerfully, too, which means neither of you should bottle things up. Anything that comes up between you, any issue or problem or insecurity, should be talked out immediately, or else you, especially, let things build to boiling point. In general, this is a positive and, though powerful, subtle influence. You develop a big, big love for each other over time, if your relationship is a long-term connection. Especially if you have had trouble in the past with accessing your emotions or expressing them, this aspect really helps you to open up to your partner and get to all those deep, intense feelings. They might be the only person you've encountered in a long time who really gets where you're coming from, and that is an intense and powerful bond.

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