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Ascendant trine Midheaven

A natural charm and grace

Kelli Fox

Your whole approach to life brings a big boost to your lover's career. Just the way that you naturally deal with people and the world in general teaches them a lot about how they want to behave in their business affairs. You have a natural charm with people you've only just met, and your lover watches you talk to people and they start to mimic your methods.

And whatever it is that you're interested in helps your partner move forward in their career. You're probably into a lot of things that they do professionally, only for you, it's a hobby. Being involved with each other romantically, you can expect to spend a lot of time talking about those hobbies and about your partner's position in society. You motivate them to get bigger and go higher than they might have thought they could before they met you. You open them up to the possibilities available to them, and it isn't even difficult for you, because you're just yourself, and that in itself is inspiration for your lover! They're not the only one who benefits. You get something out of this influence as well; your lover helps you to focus your ideas and bring them to fruition. You might even decide to work together on some sort of business venture, because you both realize that you're a formidable team.

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