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Ascendant trine Mercury

A well-oiled machine

Kelli Fox

You communicate really well because you're very similar in the ways that you think, see the world and operate within it. You're both mentally accessible to each other; you don't have to wonder what this person is thinking or where they stand on a subject -- or how much they like you. They definitely don't have to wonder about any of that about you, either.

The better you get to know each other, the more you're able to act as a unit. This is one of the biggest strengths of your relationship, especially if this influence is mirrored in other aspects between you. In fact, you would work well together as business partners as well as lovers, because you can work so well together in representing an idea to the world. You function as a team and act together like a smoothly oiled machine, intuiting each other's next moves and playing off each other's strengths. If you play a team sport or a board game together, you're a dynamite team that no one can beat! So don't let this connection turn sour. It's possible to come to rely on and expect your wonderful bond to the point that, when your connection isn't as smooth for some reason, you could get discouraged out of proportion to what's really going on. You might think that things have gone south between you, when really you're just having a less-than-spectacular day together. So make sure to talk to each other a lot about your feelings and impressions. You'll be glad you did.

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