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Ascendant trine Mars

Physical motivations

Kelli Fox

This person's lively and spontaneous approach to life livens up your own approach to the day-to-day aspects of living. Your relationship with each other is an energetic and positive one, and this person teaches you to be more assertive, more forward-thinking and just all-around fun. You return the favor by fueling their fire with your own brand of enthusiasm and great ideas for dates and other activities for the two of you to engage in.

You're both sparked up by this influence, and that definitely affects your sexual connection as well. You're plenty hot for each other, and you encourage each other to express yourselves in brand-new ways that you might never have tried before. Your partner definitely gives you the confidence you need to speak up in the bedroom about your likes and dislikes, and the boldness you develop behind closed doors extends to the outside world and influences the rest of your life. Another good aspect of this influence is the fact that it allows you to have such a positive experience with each other that you forgive your partner quickly and easily when their temper flares -- which tends to happen on a regular basis. You understand that they're just blowing off steam, and you give them the space they need to do it. They learn to express their anger in better ways. This is a good influence for a long-term relationship.

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