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Ascendant square Pluto

Go with the flow

Kelli Fox

The effects of this aspect can develop in one of two ways; the first is more negative, and is definitely harder to live with. This influence is all about your partner possessing the power to transform you. The question is, how do they use that power?

They're strongly, even magnetically attracted to you, and that pull between you could actually pose a problem because they want to make you meet all their aching needs and fit all their ideas of the Perfect Lover. If this aspect's more negative potential comes into play, that could get ugly. They might actually try to control you, as they have an idea about how you should be conducting your life, how you should behave in relation to your lover and so on, and they set about trying to make that happen -- even if they have to make it happen by force. Depending on other aspects between you, they might use emotionally manipulative tactics like getting angry when you behave in a way that they don't like, or freezing you out to communicate that they're displeased. Jealousy and possessiveness could become big, painful factors in your relationship if you're not careful. So why not choose option B? This person has the power to transform you, and themselves in the process -- so they should use it for the good. Don't let your lover control you, or even 'help' you change for what they think is the better. Instead, take a proactive approach to your own transformation. Let their good influence wash over you, but then take it from there. You're surprised at where you end up if you do.

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