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Ascendant square Neptune

Set clear boundaries

Kelli Fox

There is probably a big love between you, but it might not be a solid comfort in your life. You just don't know where you stand in your lover's heart. There is a feeling of constant confusion, as if there are things going on under the surface of your relationship that you just don't understand.

If you tend toward feelings of insecurity in love relationships, this aspect could really intensify those feelings. You feel as if you can't trust the love between you -- as if there's a spell that's been cast over you, and you're under its sway. What a confusing influence to deal with! In order to make it work between you long-term, you have to make a real commitment to honesty, because otherwise, you are awash in a sea of strangeness, insecurity and fanciful speculation. This isn't to say that your partner deliberately misleads you; far from it. But you're unclear about their motives and needs within the relationship unless you take things slowly, get to know them and learn what their true desires and needs really are. That's the only way you're able to create a real feeling of solidity between you, a foundation of trust and understanding that you can count on. Otherwise, you're just lost in the unknown together.

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