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Ascendant square Jupiter

Growth, spontaneity and enthusiasm

Kelli Fox

Instinctively or consciously, you both realize that there's a lot of potential for personal growth in this relationship. You don't see eye to eye on all of your spiritual or philosophical beliefs, which in itself is a growth opportunity -- but whether you take advantage of it is up to you. Remaining open to the new ideas you introduce to each other is essential to this relationship, because otherwise your differences could just make you feel uncomfortable or challenged.

Your partner, especially, brings a lot of enthusiasm and spontaneity to this relationship, which enlivens the mood for both of you. You're able to support each other and make each other feel wonderful. But that high energy could also grate on your nerves; you're more cautious than they are, and you aren't used to taking chances based on high-flying philosophical ideas. You might not even have your values firmly in place yet, and you're challenged to develop them through the course of this relationship. Your beliefs come into question, you feel compelled to answer, and the truth is, you're better off if you can do the hard work of finding yourself and your true views. This person helps you find yourself through the course of your bond; they help you to define your path in life and then follow it, and for the most part, you don't stand in each other's way. Just make sure that you both rise to the challenges presented by this aspect; you're better off for doing so.

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