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Ascendant square Ascendant

Clashing instincts

Kelli Fox

You approach life in some very different, often clashing ways -- which is probably part of the attraction between you. You each have something that the other lacks, and consciously or subconsciously, you look to bring that quality into your life through your involvement with each other. This could create problems because on a day-to-day basis, you just don't meet life in the same ways.

Socially, sexually and so on, you have very different instincts, and if you're used to feeling comfortably aligned with your lover, this relationship could be an unpleasant experience. The differences between you definitely come into play, and it depends on the rest of your relationship to determine whether these differences are treated as fresh experiences or as clashing traits that are ultimately fatal to your bond. If there are other aspects between you that help you to get along and feel a sense of commonality and support, this one shouldn't be a problem. You're able to get along despite your differences, and you even show each other a thing or two about when your own methods are more appropriate! If there are lots of aspects between you that create a sense of distance or difficulty, this one could just underscore that trying energy. Agreeing to disagree and appreciating your differences is definitely the best route to happiness together.

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