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Ascendant sextile Venus

Highly creative

Kelli Fox

Your bond is so strong that other people notice the chemistry that runs hot between you. You have an active social life together, and you present yourselves to the world as a united front. You enhance each other's lives in part because you love the way you look together.

No, that's not superficial! At least, not too much so. It's a really nice bonus to a relationship when you love to look at each other. You love the way you feel when you're out together, holding hands, the envy of all your friends. But don't stop there -- you should put all that energy and attraction and interaction to good use. You stimulate this person's best, most creative ideas. You could even help them to advance professionally, by introducing them to important contacts or enthusiastically supporting a new business venture or creative project. They share ideas with you that they might never have revealed to anyone else, because they know they find encouragement, enthusiasm and support with you. You inspire this person to be the best and brightest person that they can be. If other aspects exist between you that are more challenging than this one, this one definitely helps to warm those up and make the bond between you much closer, more active and fun.

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