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Ascendant sextile Sun

Learning and teaching

Kelli Fox

You identify strongly with each other from the start, in a positive way -- you instinctively recognize that you're two of a kind on some important levels. First off, communication is clear and open between you. You love discussing your lives and experiences, and best of all, you actually have something to teach each other from your own lives.

Your interests in life, though they may be different, are also of interest to each other. If this relationship is a long-term one, it's likely that you develop some hobbies together and lead a life that's linked in many ways. You also help one another reach your individual goals. You may help by offering support and encouragement, but you most likely take an even more active hand in shaping one another's destinies -- introducing each other to helpful people, accompanying each other to the important functions of your careers and generally acting as both guide and cheerleader along the paths of one another's lives. Furthermore, you two are able to see each other more clearly than most others in your life -- in a positive way. In essence, you see the best of each other, and in seeing that person, you enhance each other's own visions of yourselves. You help one another go further in life than you might be able to on your own.

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