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Ascendant sextile Pluto

A profound transformation

Kelli Fox

Don't expect a light, frothy, fun relationship, because with this aspect between you, you make some big strides, both within yourselves and within the relationship! This person entered your life to help you grow in some way -- to open up whole new aspects of the world to you. You have a deeply emotional connection and they express their love for you in some powerful ways.

You both take a serious approach to the relationship, evaluating yourselves and the relationship and assessing what works and what can be improved. This shouldn't happen in a negative or obsessive way; in fact, it is a really profound experience for both of you, and you're likely to willingly transform yourself. You could let go of past behaviors or hurts that no longer have a place in your life. Through the course of your transformation, your goals could change, and that's okay. You're both simply growing as people, and your lover gives you the love and support you need to complete this process in a positive, life- and love-affirming way. When you look back over the time you spent together, you see that it changed you for the better. This person helps you to feel more deeply and connect on a much more fundamental level.

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