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Ascendant sextile Neptune

Hearts on your sleeves

Kelli Fox

Your love for each other is strengthened by the idealistic, highly romantic filter through which your lover views you and the relationship. You could communicate nonverbally even better than with words; this person feels your presence in an intuitive way, and love pulses between you like a being of its own. You might even feel as if your relationship were destined to be, because of the strength of your feeling and the depth of your connection.

The funny thing about this aspect, though, is that while it increases the intangible side of your love, causing your feelings for each other to swell and your intuitive connection to grow ever deeper, it could actually decrease the physical expression of your bond. The emotional stuff is so overwhelming that you might not remember to ground yourself in your body from time to time. But physically expressing your love is just as important, so remember to reach out with your hands as well as your hearts. You probably find that cuddling is even more intense with this aspect between you. Another possibility to watch out for is that your lover idealizes you too much -- that they view you through rose-colored glasses, unable to see any negative potential in your relationship. This is only a problem because any trouble that comes up between you is even more disappointing if they've built this up to be the love affair of the century, untouchable by the normal problems that can affect any relationship.

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