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Ascendant sextile Mars

Positive self-assertion

Kelli Fox

The active energy in your sex life is both a reflection of the rest of your relationship and a source of good feelings that benefits you as a couple. This aspect lends you a feeling of enthusiasm when you're together; this person encourages you to be more assertive in your approach to life. This makes itself known in the bedroom, where you learn to communicate about your sexual needs and feelings, perhaps more than you ever have in any previous relationship; and it also affects your daily life, at work or school or within your relationships with the other people in your life.

Especially if you've always been a more reserved type, this emboldening influence is a huge boost! You both benefit from this energy, however. You find yourselves standing up for yourselves in ways you never thought you could or would, and all because of this wonderfully energetic vibe you derive from your romance. Best of all, this aspect helps with any temper flare-ups that happen between you. Getting bent out of shape with each other from time to time is inevitable; in some sense, the better you get to know each other, the more there is to argue about! This aspect helps you both to keep a level head about disagreements or irritations. Your partner learns to express themselves better when they're mad, and you learn to give them the space in which to be mad. So find a worthy outlet for this energy you create together, and use it well!

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  1. Amit on June 23, 2018 at 1:51 am

    I m in need of Avery very very sexy Lilith like woman.

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