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Ascendant quincunx Saturn

Time to back off

Kelli Fox

You might find after a while that there's a certain level of frustration in your relationship that just doesn't seem to go away. Your lover unwittingly has a restrictive effect on you, trying too hard to control your life and behavior -- without even having a clear grasp on who you are or what's best for you in your life! This isn't an intense influence; instead, it's constant but subtle, and annoying.

You both feel frustrated from time to time, as if your differences are holding you back from a path that you really want to be on. But you both make compromises in order to stay together, because even while this aspect creates friction between you, it also create a certain sense of stability. Is this based on commitment and commonality? Well, no, probably not. More likely, it's based on a feeling of obligation -- a sense that you owe each other something. Who knows? The feeling of struggle between you could even make you feel karmically tied -- as if it's all going to be worth it in the end, because how could it not? The way to avoid this somewhat difficult influence is to consciously give each other a lot of space to be the people you really are. Don't let your lover control you; remind them to worry about their own life and let you worry about yours.

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