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Ascendant quincunx Mercury

Clarity is needed

Kelli Fox

You don't feel completely at ease around each other, and this becomes more and more apparent as time goes on and the relationship matures. You find more and more that you have different instincts when it comes to meeting the world; misunderstandings erupt and you could get caught up in arguing more often than you're caught up in each other or the love you share. These misunderstandings revolve again and again around one of a few subjects: when one of you wants to stay in, for example, and have quiet time at home, the other is in the mood to go out and have a great time at a party or a crowded, noisy club.

When one of you thinks that a quiet, thoughtful approach to a project or problem is best, the other wants to jump in impulsively and act straight from the gut. Your communication might not be the clearest in the world, either. You have to be sure to tell each other exactly where you stand and why. If you want the relationship to last and to be satisfying for both of you, you have to learn to compromise, to talk out your problems and act more as a team than as two individuals with different aims.

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