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Ascendant quincunx Jupiter

Speaking dogmatically

Kelli Fox

This aspect presents an opportunity for growth, but don't expect it to be very easy -- or a whole lot of fun! The effects of this aspect could be annoying, at least at first, before you strike a rhythm with each other. Your partner irritates you on a regular basis with their various views and opinions on life.

Without meaning to or realizing it, they present their values in a dogmatic way that rubs you the wrong way. They have a way of putting your opinions down in a rather forceful way; they come across as stubborn and immovable in their perceptions, and if you are at all a rebellious sort, that brings up those rebellious tendencies immediately! If there's any discrepancy in the levels of your education, that could also come up in this relationship as a hurdle that you have to overcome together with sensitivity and communication. Regardless of how educated you might or might not be, it's best to learn to have an open dialogue with each other instead of preaching your own views. After all, you stand to learn a lot from each other, simply based on the fact that you're two individuals who have had completely different experiences in the courses of your lives. If you take the time to process your differences and respect each other for them, that helps in moving you toward a better sense of equality.

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