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Ascendant quincunx Ascendant

Irritating differences

Kelli Fox

You approach life in some very different ways, which could create problems, because the differences between you just get under your skin! Socially, sexually and so on, you have very different instincts, and if you're used to feeling comfortably aligned with your lover, this relationship could be an irritating experience. You might look at each other often and think to yourself, What could they possibly be thinking, doing it that way?

Whether you can learn to treat these differences as fresh experiences or as annoyances that are ultimately fatal to your bond depends on the rest of your relationship. If other aspects between you create a sense that you're united as a team, then this one isn't too much of a problem. It might just create tension between you occasionally, and you learn to compromise despite your differences and develop some patience for methods that are different from your own. Who knows? You might even teach each other a thing or two about doing things your way! But other aspects between you that create a feeling of tension are only underscored by this one, which acts in tandem with them to make your relationship not a very good bet.

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