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Ascendant opposite Venus

Limitless horizons

Kelli Fox

This is one of the best, most promising aspects you could have as lovers! It promises that you're able to get through almost anything -- any trouble or crisis that could assail your relationship -- due to the love and trust you share. If other aspects between you have a more difficult influence than this one, this greatly helps mitigate those effects.

You recognize right off that you complement each other perfectly. Your needs are met, often without even having to ask, and you know how to return the favor instinctively. You respect and admire each other; you give each other room to make your dreams a reality. You share the same values, so you're able to be true partners. And the sensual attraction between you -- whew! It runs hot and strong! You love your intimate connection and you might not be able to keep your hands off each other, but not in an obsessive way. You just love each other; you love to be close, whether that means in each other's arms or on the phone, talking about your day. You inspire each other's creativity and you cooperate well, so any projects you might work on together, artistic or work-oriented, are a great success. You encourage wonderful ideas and the truest self-expression in each other, and you enthusiastically ask for more. Basically, you have naturally great chemistry! What you choose to do with it is up to you; the sky's the limit.

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