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Ascendant opposite Saturn

On different teams

Kelli Fox

You learn a lot from your partner about your needs in a relationship, and that's a good thing, although this influence in your romance might not be the most fun or easiest to handle. You have a lot to learn from them, in part because they're either older than you are or more experienced, and they have a lot of solid advice and guidance to offer to you. You're very different from them; you tackle life's problems in a different way than they do, and you could see their advice not so much as guidance but as a restrictive influence on you.

You both want to relate to each other as allies, but instead of being able to enjoy all the myriad ways in which you're different, you're both more likely to try to hold each other back from doing the things that you would never do -- or possibly from doing things that ultimately lead you away from each other. In any case, you probably stick together out of some sense of indebtedness, though that doesn't have much foundation in reality. What you really get from your relationship with each other is more about a sense of control on your partner's side, and of stability on yours.

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