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Ascendant opposite Moon

A true partnership

Kelli Fox

You're able to build a really strong emotional bond. You're in sync a lot of the time when it comes to needs for intimacy and independence. When your partner wants to be close, you're already feeling gooey and sentimental.

When they want to spend some time alone, you feel ready for the same thing, and you're able to create space for each other. What a wonderful balance! Even better yet, you often don't even have to verbalize these needs, because your bond is intuitive. Your partner just picks up on your emotional rhythm or mood of the moment and treats it with respect. This kind of dependence and intuitive interaction is obviously good for both of you, unless it verges into codependency. As long as you maintain your individuality within the relationship, and appreciate but don't demand your partner's understanding of your inner feelings, things run smoothly between you. But if you start to depend on each other too much and to need that emotional support, instead of just appreciating that it's there for you, that's when trouble could start. If you get to the point where you feel secure only when you're together, that's a sign that things have gone too far. Other than that, the support between you is wonderful for both of you.

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