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Ascendant opposite Midheaven

A sense of kinship

Kelli Fox

This aspect fosters a really deep and important connection between you. You feel familiar to each other and have from the first time you met; there is a commonality between you that is a comfort to both of you. In some way, you have roots in common, whether it's that you descend from similar ancestry, had similar upbringings or something else.

Whatever the reason, you identify with your lover's past, and where you both came from is important to you, both as a bonding factor and as a way to know yourselves and each other now. If you're of different cultural backgrounds, that is very interesting and special to you, especially, and you spend lots of time finding out all the ways that you differ and the ways in which you're the same despite your differences. If you live together, this aspect really helps you get along because you understand your lover's needs at home -- how much quiet or activity they need, how much time alone and how much companionship, and so on. You understand these things because they're so similar to your own needs. You have a wonderful, deep rhythm together. This aspect definitely supports a long-term bond between you, and if you have other, more difficult or challenging aspects between you, this one helps to create a feeling of commonality that helps smooth over any problems.

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