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Ascendant opposite Jupiter

A chance to grow

Kelli Fox

Your partner's natural enthusiasm for life enlivens the mood of your relationship and sparks you up, encouraging you to try new things and find new ways of looking at life. You both benefit from the energy this aspect brings to your bond. You could feel as if you're perfect for each other, and in lots of ways, you are.

You're supportive of each other; your partner, especially, helps you find yourself, so to speak. You make each other feel great with that wonderful sense of awe and appreciation that you feel for each other. Instinctively or consciously, you both realize that there's a lot of potential for personal growth in this relationship, and you encourage each other to do that. What's good for each of you on a spiritual level is also good for the relationship, and vice versa. That's not always the case within a romantic relationship, so enjoy the influence! You might not see eye to eye on all of your spiritual or philosophical beliefs, but that in itself is a growth opportunity, because your feeling of awe and appreciation for your partner encourages them not to be too critical of the ways that you think. In essence, this entire relationship is a learning opportunity for both of you -- so take it. You join as a team in order to grow, and your partnership offers you many chances to elevate yourselves and each other.

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