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Ascendant opposite Ascendant

A polarized partnership

Kelli Fox

Your opposing approaches to life are a big part of the attraction between you, but it could also lead to looking at each other and wondering who, exactly, this stranger is that you've gotten yourself involved with. Though you complement each other well in the sense that each of you has qualities that the other lacks, socially, sexually and so on, you have very different instincts. Where one of you has a gloomy outlook on life, the other is perpetually optimistic; where one of you needs lots of space and alone time, the other loves cuddling and could do it all day, every day.

These kinds of differences definitely come into play between you, and depending on what type of people you are, your differences are either exciting or annoying -- and often, both. You could even find that you swing back and forth like a pendulum; one minute you grate on each other's nerves and the next you both feel as if you can't get enough of each other. Look to the other aspects of your relationship for the answer as to whether you more often appreciate each other or annoy each other. If there are too many discordant aspects between you, you might end up feeling like strangers to each other.

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