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Ascendant conjunct Uranus

Enjoy it while it lasts

Kelli Fox

This relationship has shaken up -- or even yanked out from under you -- the metaphorical rug upon which you stand in your life. The same could even happen to your lover, being involved with you. This isn't necessarily a traumatic experience, but it is a very noticeable change from the way you're both used to doing things.

Your partner introduces you to brand-new ways of thinking and being, and you introduce them to new people -- people that change their life in some way. Maybe it's a social circle that they were never aware of before, and being in this relationship suddenly presents a whole new group of friends who are strange, indeed! You want them to get along with your friends, as well as enjoy the friendship you share between you. In fact, the unpredictable nature of this relationship might mean that your friendship is the best thing you can possibly count on between you, because everything else -- commitment, intimacy -- is elusive at best! You have a lot of fun and exciting experiences together, and you stimulate each other enormously, but don't expect any kind of regularity or longevity to your bond. With an aspect like this between you, you just can't count on much except that unpredictability. Hey -- at least it isn't boring!

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