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Ascendant conjunct Moon

Processing emotions

Kelli Fox

This aspect creates a bond between you that could be really beneficial for your whole relationship. Probably from the very start, you feel very close due to this influence and your moods are often in sync. Of course, this could come out in a troublesome way -- if your lover is feeling grouchy, they could just get on your nerves needlessly!

But in general, this is a really positive aspect that creates an accord between you and helps soften up any harder, more troublesome aspects that might exist between you. This influence has a lot of long-term potential, because it makes you so mutually dependent in a good way. It's almost as if your minds are growing together, and your partner's emotional life creates pathways for you to grow emotionally as well. You also are quite creative together; you could launch a project as a team, or you could just enjoy a deep and diverse bond that you share and have fun with! You're able to help each other through hard times due to this influence; your lover helps you to handle any heavy or otherwise difficult feelings, and process them in a healthy way.

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