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Ascendant conjunct Mercury

Intellectual attraction

Kelli Fox

Words are a crucial connection between you, which is worth remembering when things get sticky emotionally. You're able to talk things out if it really means something to you, as long as you're committed to honesty and openness with each other. In general, you are very attracted to this person on a mental level, and you excite them in similar ways.

In fact, your first bond might have been intellectual; you could have chosen to meet up at a lecture or a book reading, or it might have occurred on a more casual level -- a really witty email that caught your eye, perhaps. The ways that you naturally think and communicate are very attractive to each other. You find that your individual thought processes and modes of self-expression are rather similar. Because you're so similar and familiar to each other, you find that you don't necessarily have to talk to know what's going through the other's mind, or their heart. In general, verbal communication and great conversation are a highlight between you. You listen to each other well and feel as if you can be completely yourselves when you talk. This creates a heady feeling between you, one that you both want to sustain. If you want the relationship to deepen and mature, you have to remember that conversation won't always be exciting between you, and that's okay. Though it sounds like a contradiction in terms, try not to let a great beginning ruin what could turn out to be a wonderful bond.

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