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Venus unaspected

A Different Kind of Love

Kelli Fox

Let's get this out of the way first: Your ideas of love probably don't match up very well with those of anyone else in your immediate environment. You can therefore feel quite left out when it comes to romance and relationships, since no one else seems to think the way you do, or want the same things. Yours can be a hard row to hoe, and as a youth you may often feel very left out of things.

As you get older and your own inner values emerge, you can seek out others with the same ideals; these people should form the core of your social group. Friendships may be far more important to you than romance; certainly more dependable, anyway! You may be one of the few who seeks sexual trysts without emotional involvement. Unfortunately, this most often leads to disillusionment, and you'll end up feeling more alone than ever. Your energy is better spent on developing friends who will be around tomorrow.

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