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Venus square Pluto

The Upper Hand

Kelli Fox

Oooh, you like 'em hot. Your friends are all jealous of you. How do you keep bagging such magnetic, sexy specimens?

You're in awe yourself. You get so attracted that you can barely think -- and there's the rub. You wish you could wrap your lovers around your little finger with your sultry and seductive power, but most times you've found a sweetie who won't let you have the upper hand. They've got you waiting around for phone calls. You've let your lover decide where you were going, and when, and how. You've even kept silent rather than expressing any negative feelings, for fear your lover might run in the other direction. Ouch! Doesn't it feel awful to be so squelched?Here's a little secret -- as much as your lovers seem to want to control you, giving all your power away will soon make them view you with contempt, not adoration. It doesn't have to be this way. You're plenty powerful enough to get what you need from another. Marshall your confidence and fight back. Ask for what you want. Demand equal time and equal power.

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