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Venus square Mars

Love and Lust

Kelli Fox

Mmm, everyone wants some of what you've had with your lovers: sweaty, sticky, lovely lust. Your connections have tended to get physical fast, simply because when you're really feelin' it, you can't keep your hands to yourself. Internally, you've got the receptive female energy meeting the masculine force with explosive and heady results.

Lust tends to intervene in your relationships before love can develop, resulting in a series of hookups based on sex when there could have been true partnerships based on something deeper. It could be that one of you was using the other merely to slake a physical urge -- not a problem if both of you were on the same page, but nasty and painful if one of you was looking for love and the other just lust.The solution lies in extending your search for compatibility beyond the bedroom. Look for someone whose heart and mind appeal to you as much as their body. Talk about your values, your hopes, your dreams. Being close on the physical level does not an emotional connection make; you need to spend more time bonding and less time smooching. When you approach your relationships this way, good sex gets even better.

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