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Venus square Jupiter

Learning from Excess

Kelli Fox

You're a social butterfly, a gleeful hedonist, an appreciator of the finer things in life. In past relationships, you've chosen partners who have egged you on in your hedonistic ways. Limits were ignored and sensibilities offended.

Your big heart was opened to far too many. Your freewheeling, easy lifestyle helped you blissfully ignore the morning after. But excess has its downside: squandered resources, and that doesn't just mean money.Your ideal sweetie is more attuned to the intellectual, as well as tangible signposts of financial success. At first they may seem rather stodgy and too wrapped up in matters of the mind. They could find you to be impractical and self-indulgent. Who'll be right? Both of you! But however it may seem on the surface, any mismatch in values and interests you have with your ideal love won't be as difficult to bridge as it seems. You will each temper the other. You'll help your lover to lighten up and enjoy life, while your lover will teach you how to set goals and reach them. Though you must plow through some friction to meet in the middle it will be well worth the effort. By learning from each other you will both become better people.

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