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Venus quincunx Pluto

The Upper Hand

Kelli Fox

Your past partners have walked through life oozing power and intensity, a potent combination that left you helpless in its wake. Notice the choice of words: helpless. You were dazzled and impressed by your lovers, to be sure, but most of all you felt curiously weak.

You let them make all the decisions. You didn't stand up for yourself. You felt more like a wuss than ever, and you couldn't see a way out. Even worse, your lovers seemed to delight in having the upper hand. You'd rather be the one to choose when, where and how you'll see those enchanted by your charms, but in most relationships you're left waiting by the phone. You were so confused about your partners' feelings and intentions that you even started uttering those dreaded four words: 'What are you thinking?'If you want to sustain a viable connection, you're going to have to go about it more cleverly. You pick partners who are into head games, so play a few yourself. Stop reacting to your lover's obvious manipulations. Stay cool. Just enjoy yourself. Your ideal lover will be irresistibly attracted by your confidence, and you'll stop feeling like an also-ran.

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  1. Maureen on September 3, 2017 at 10:55 am

    From what I have observed about negative Venus Pluto’s, they are not above manipulation where love is concerned. They may feel that they have to “give” in order to “get”? This giving seems to be usually with a desire to receive as much as it is simply the joy of giving. In more positive Venus/Pluto aspects there may never be a thought to “getting” anything out of giving. It is simply enough to be able to give, or have the opportunity to give – whatever it may be – money, love, time, attention – all are lavished on others in the spirit of self-sacrifice and happiness comes from seeing the joy that others experience as a result. Negative Venus/Pluto’s may turn away from “giving” when they don’t get, but be pretty interested when they feel there is a prize in the offing. “I did this for you so I can expect this from you?” With positive Venus/Pluto’s I see a strong love of Nature (Pluto) and God, the Creator and the desire to be close. There is a pure beauty about this vibration that does not seek for self and the power of love has the ability to transform for the better. With negative Venus/Pluto’s there is a falling out and a destruction of the feelings that have a difficult time to rebuild trust and love once more. Possibly, once the lesson of love or giving for no thought of reward is learned, love will return to bless once more.

    • antonia monson on July 20, 2018 at 4:30 am

      I love what you say about Venus/Pluto as strong love of nature and creator. This aspect gets such a dark press…and of course has its powerful negative side, but it is fundamentally about passion. The sacrifice you describe,the pure giving of oneself in passion is transformative in itself and touches both lovers at their core, whatever the results.

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