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Venus opposite Saturn

What Are You Worth?

Kelli Fox

You've got a history of hard relationships. Did you and your previous lovers hook up out of love, or was there more to it? Aspects in your pairings point to relationships that have been forced, rather than natural.

Was one of you in it for the money? Were you paired up by family, or was one of you trying to get something from the other? Did some sense of duty or responsibility bring you together? Putting this aside, your relationships did not seem to unfold naturally. You didn't have much in common, since you are attuned to an active social life and to relationships with fun-loving types, while you picked partners whose attention was mired in the workaday world. Your past lovers have no doubt viewed you as rather self-indulgent, lazy and flighty, while you found them to be nitpicky and rather cold. You found it difficult to be affectionate with your mate, and felt resentful of being held to certain standards. In order to improve things in the relationship department, you've got to determine your value. Your ideal partner can bring out much in you. Inside you is a person that can act with verve and power, a person you've allowed to wither beneath your lovers' elevated expectations. Developing more confidence in yourself will bring better partners into your life.

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