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Venus opposite Pluto

The Green-Eyed Monster

Kelli Fox

Acid burning in your stomach, your thoughts racing, your heart nearly beating its way out of your chest -- does this sound all too familiar? Your taste in the past has been for hot, steamy, simmering lovers -- lovers who then kept you entertaining a certain green-eyed monster. It was awfully unsexy.

No wonder they didn't stick around: Would you want to come home to a lover who demands that you account for your time? Hardly. But as much as you wanted to play it cool, your possessive attachment to your partners seemed to make it impossible. You viewed everyone near them with suspicion -- and you even made some embarrassing scenes in front of others. So what's the key to smoothing this path? First, own your issues. Have you strayed from past lovers? Could this be the root of your worry that others won't stay true to you? Take an honest look in the mirror without projecting all your fidelity issues onto your ideal partner. You'll then be free to attract an ideal lover who is both powerful and faithful. Once you do this, you can start to formulate a plan for taking on your problems. Don't be afraid to start. Time to try something new, break out of your patterns, and create a passionate and equal future.

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