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Venus opposite Mars

Use Me Up

Kelli Fox

You run hot, let's face it. When you've been with someone in the past, you couldn't keep your mind on anything else, and when you were together, you couldn't keep your eyes off them. That grace, that elegance, that smoldering sexiness that made the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

Such is the lusciousness of your love, a lusty, steamy physical connection that others envy. But there are downsides aplenty, are there not? You can't stand to let your lover off your leash. Jealous conflicts arose often between you and your sweeties; when you went together to a party you'd spend the whole car ride home arguing, or at least stewing, about who was flirting with whom and how and where and why. You often viewed your partner as an inconsiderate hothead, while you may have seemed ultra-sensitive and whiny to them. And how often did you feel that you were only being used? It's hard to ignore that what you've got is so hot, hot, hot. While others are tepid and tame, you are bubbling with fun and ardor. Your ideal partner will be as passionate as you are. Learn to enjoy any conflict between you -- it's just a warm-up to another kind of wrestling match altogether. Put a lid on your jealous side and give your future lover so much satisfaction that there's simply no urge to stray.

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