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Venus in Virgo

All About the Little Things

Kelli Fox

It was the little things that drove your previous lovers batty. The way you continually picked lint off their sweater, or disinfected their refrigerator every Saturday, or obsessively arranged their newspapers and magazines. You like things just so, and are ever so quick to pick out any imperfection that your lover may present -- actually, your soon-to-be-former lover, if you're not careful.

People can take only so much nitpicking, you know, before they begin to wonder if something is seriously wrong with you. Usually, they don't stick around to find out that you're perfectly benign. Just a perfectionist.Stop wringing your hands about everything. Take your analytical energy and focus it somewhere, anywhere, besides your romantic partner. Doing this will create room for a more relaxed you to appear -- the you who loves nature, who stops to smell the flowers, who enjoys a good home-cooked meal (all organic, of course). You're sensuous when you're totally relaxed, and this will delight your lover. Feel free to demonstrate your passion, and let them know that this is an expression of your true feelings. You'll go deeper than you thought possible.

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