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Venus in Scorpio

Many are Called, Few are Chosen

Kelli Fox

It's not hard to see why you've had problems in past relationships. Many have felt the pull of your charisma and animal attraction. Some lovers, you scare away with your intense gaze and fervent passion.

Some are alarmed by your focused attention on them. Others like the intensity and passion, but can't handle your possessiveness or complex emotions. Only the bravest are willing to commit forever to you, though that's what you truly want in your heart of hearts. Will you get it? There's no reason why not. All you need is to find someone who can match your intensity, and who is willing to meet you halfway in the realms of commitment and desire. Won't they be the lucky one! For it is in these profound, we're-in-this-for-the-long-haul connections that your deepest passion truly blossoms. Together, you'll be determined to make it last, and will ignite the most potent thrills that either of you has ever known. This will be well worth the wait.

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