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Venus in Sagittarius

Free Spirit

Kelli Fox

The thing that makes you feel bad about your previous relationships is how many broken hearts you've left in your wake as your feet hit the road once again. You truly felt sorry to leave, but you just can't stay in one place for too long before you need to move on. The siren song of freedom and adventure is irresistible.

The prospect of who's ahead down your road is much more exciting than the idea of sticking around with the one you've got in the bag. That would be boring, and you don't do boring.If only everyone else could rise above this whole silly notion of commitment and fidelity, life would be so much less complicated! For you, anyway. But until the rest of the world catches up with you, you're going to have to make do with the concepts of monogamy and faithfulness. Choosing a partner who's as adventurous and freedom-loving as you are would be a good start. That way, you can both come and go as you please and no one will get jealous! That sounds like heaven on earth for you, doesn't it? And it's not that far out of reach. So keep your ears perked for a partner who fits the bill.

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