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Venus in Libra

Poetry in Motion

Kelli Fox

You have the hardest time saying 'no,' don't you? You're so careful not to hurt anyone's feelings, or to make them think that you don't like them (even when you really don't!). And it's not as if you're lying, because you really do believe things in the moment you say them.

But like a chameleon, you may change the very next minute, the better to blend in with your environment. Can you wonder why everyone complains about how inconstant you are? How changeable? How indecisive?Previous lovers have been captivated by your artistry, your good taste, your refinement. Your pleasant nature and romantic leanings make you a wonderful date. Why didn't you tell them that you're dating three other people, too? Much better to be honest about it than to be embarrassed out on a date with one of your other amours, only to bump into the person you were supposed to be committed to. Avoid those little white lies you tell in order to protect your lover, or yourself. It's too much to keep track of!

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