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Venus in Leo

In the Spotlight

Kelli Fox

Another crowd gathers around you. You're warm, affectionate, pleasing to the eye and a lot of fun to be around. And boy, do you love the attention!

The sun shines, and you radiate the joy of being you. The spotlight is great -- that is, until someone steps in and tries to share it with you. 'This will never do,' you think to yourself. Dramatically, you turn a cold shoulder to the interloper, nose in the air. The crowd laughs and fades away. Rewind back to your previous partners. The sad truth is, they were all made to feel like interlopers, as though their needs were secondary to yours. Is this any way to treat a lover? Now that it's been brought to your attention, pride will prevent you from behaving this way toward your future beloved. You have so much to offer your ideal love -- ardent passion as well as loyal devotion and warm affection -- so it shouldn't be difficult to find someone who appreciates those qualities in you. When you find such a gem, be sure to give them credit where credit is due. Equal sharing of attention keeps everyone happy.

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