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Venus in Capricorn

Still Waters Run Deep

Kelli Fox

No one can accuse you of being fickle or flirtatious. In fact, you take the whole concept of love so seriously that you've fallen for very few in your romantic lifetime. If and when you were able to express your love to the object of your affection, no doubt they were completely surprised.

You're very good at keeping your feelings all corked up, so they had no idea you were beating the gong for them. You held your breath waiting for their reaction, which, unfortunately, may have been, 'Thanks, but I'm not interested.' Needless to say, this did not encourage you to be more open with your feelings in future romantic liaisons. There are plenty of people out there who would appreciate your quiet, dependable type of love. The trouble is, they're as shy as you are! If you could stop being quite so self-absorbed in your romantic emotions, you could easily develop the type of radar you need in order to find them. Then, you can slowly but surely create the type of deep and committed love that you both seek, and it will be very sweet for you when this comes into your life. You're a master at manifestation, so don't doubt yourself!

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