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Venus in Cancer

A Real Softie

Kelli Fox

You may be emotionally cautious when first entering a relationship, but once a person is in your heart, it's for keeps. You feel deeply committed to them, and herein lies your vulnerability, for, you fear, what if they aren't so committed to you? Your natural reaction is to start taking care of them, not only out of your own natural inclination to do so, but also in order to keep them around.

Quickly, an energy imbalance develops. Once again, you give more than you get -- much more. Extricate yourself from such relationships immediately. Resolve to restrain your love until you find someone deserving of it. Your ideal mate will have a heart as tender as yours and will not wander from your protective gaze. You've earned a love like this, one that will provide you comfort instead of worry, a person who will take care of you as well as you take care of them. You've got caretaking energy to spare, so spend it on a pet, or in your garden, tenderly nurturing living things.

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