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Venus in Aquarius

Dare to be Different

Kelli Fox

Remember the type of people that your mother warned you against? Well, that's exactly the type of person you're attracted to, not least because your mom said not to! You've got a rebellious streak a mile wide, and your attraction for the unusual and unique is even wider.

Consequently, your previous lovers make the most interesting motley crew. It's all perfectly OK with you, though, because you're nothing if not tolerant of people's differences. And the things that attract you -- a bright mind, a friendly personality, an original outlook -- come in all shapes and sizes.You prefer to be friends before you're lovers, and often your exes remain your friends long after the fire of your passion has died out. Actually this works out well for you, because your need for freedom is pretty much off the charts, and there's far more freedom in friendship than there is in romance. In fact, you may keep interested lovers at arm's length because of this fact. Your ideal lover will be as eclectic and unconventional as you are, and equally unattached to romantic liaisons.

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