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Uranus in Taurus

One of Two Roads

Kelli Fox

Being born in the midst of the Great Depression and World War 1, you've always felt a sense of fear and known the undependability of life in general. This has been obvious in your love life, for you went down one of two roads. You may have married early, started a family at a young age and worked to build your financial and emotional security, based on a fundamental (if unexpressed) fear of losing it.

Or, you might have taken the opposite path and avoided long-term relationships altogether, in the fear that you would lose them anyway.You have enough life experience by now to know that the world is not a totally cold, cruel place. Now you're at a point where you can relax into long-established relationships, if that's your desire. Happily, you still feel frisky enough to initiate new romances if the opportunity presents itself. Go for it!

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