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Uranus in Sagittarius

Changing the World

Kelli Fox

You and your peers have a big job: In your lifetimes, you will radically change the beliefs and philosophies of the world. You're charged with the energy of exploration, and the things you discover will revolutionize the ideas that are currently held. Your relationships will certainly be affected by your adventurous energy, and this is one area that could be totally changed by the ways in which you and your generation conduct your own partnerships.

You will likely insist on much more freedom within your relationships than has previously been the case; you may, as a group, marry later or delay starting families until you're more established, and you're in no particular hurry to get established! You have many wild oats to sow first. Your peer group may become your tribe, becoming as important as your family of origin. One thing's for sure: The world you leave behind in the end will be much different from the world you were born into.

Uranus in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart

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