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Uranus in Gemini


Kelli Fox

You always were attracted to people whose ideas were as radical and innovative as yours, and that's saying a mouthful. To you, the more abstract or revolutionary the idea, the better it was to think about, even if you knew it would never come true. You were always able to express yourself well, and preferred partners who shared that skill with you.

Needless to say, you needed to be friends with a strong mental connection before you could be serious lovers. Oh, you might dally in short-term physical relationships, but in the long run, you preferred a strong mental connection to an earthy physical one. Now that you're approaching or well into your sixties, you find that your tastes have changed little. You still find that a cerebral connection precedes the best physical ones. And that's fine: By now you can do what you want and not be concerned what others think -- not that you ever worried about that in the first place!

Uranus in Gemini in the Natal Chart

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